strange videogame music

—Shadow ~ Left Hand of God


Junta - Shadow ~ Left Hand of God [from Doomsday Warrior aka Brass Numbers (SNES)]

few can withstand the horrifying jig of the ghostly left hand of God

Lyndon Sharp

—First Stage


Lyndon Sharp - First Stage [from Captain Dynamo (Atari ST)]

though i will always take a stand against the unfortunate obligation towards falsely empowering games, sometimes the music escapes its horrible confines and becomes a vehicle towards deeper feeling

Rob Hubbard

—Main Theme


Rob Hubbard - Main Theme [from Jet Set Willy (Atari 800)]

sometimes the only thing a man can hope for is to be left alone, and yet the world will still choose to rip that away from him without a moment’s notice

Tomasz Liebich

—Title Theme


Tomasz Liebich - Title Theme [from Snowball (Atari 800)]


Junichi Masuda

—Lavender Town


Junichi Masuda - Lavender Town [from Pokemon Green Beta]

the only suicide this music caused was of the laughable idea that one can become the “master” by spending a lot of time and money imprisoning animals and forcing them to fight each other

Isao Abe



Isao Abe - Sagat [from Street Figher II (SNES)]

many times have i felt the peculiar vibrations recoil violently throughout my skull without my permission

Norihiko Yamanuki

—Lux Tizer


Norihiko Yamanuki - Lux Tizer [from 7th Saga]

i have somehow found myself trapped in an endless, mysterious landscape. i don’t know if i shall ever return…

Martin Galway

—Title Theme


Martin Galway - Title Theme [from Parallax]

if such a thing were possible and if i didn’t find the very idea detestable, this could possibly be the objectively best piece of game music


—Track 2


Michal Szpilowski - Track 2 [from NightShade (Atari XL)]

any time i wish to steer myself away from my own roots and all the terrible baggage they bring, they find some way to emerge out of all of my cracks and seams and frustratedly begin asserting themselves…

Theme from Władcy Ciemności  (Atari XL)