strange videogame music


i have a few 6 minute-ish tracks on the Mirrormoon EP OST, which was just released today. check it out!

a track i did from the forthcoming Mirrormoon EP OST

Eveline Fischer

—Water World

Eveline Fischer - Water World [from Donkey Kong Country 3 (SNES)]

the deepest, darkest depths- a world with rules beyond unknown to me, a zone that knows or cares nothing for my flesh- an adversary forever blurred from my view

Nation XII

—Into The Wonderful

Nation XII - Into The Wonderful [title theme from Gods (Amiga)]


Yuzo Koshiro

—In The Mountain

Yuzo Koshiro - In The Mountain [from The Stickman Is Back (unreleased MegaDrive game)]

a fire only known by secret trees, a dance never intended for human eyes, or ears, or hearts… yet one the warped readings of my human sensors still manage to feel as utterly entrancing

Alexander Brandon

—Hong Kong Streets

Alexander Brandon - Hong Kong Streets [from Deus Ex]

The lights, the sounds. the chaos. the terrifying beauty and darkness that seems endlessly to unfold and topple over itself, each time revealing at least ten more varieties of beautiful, previously unknown poisons.

Yasuyuki Suzuki, Emiko Suganuma

—Wild Child & Manmos

Yasuyuki Suzuki, Emiko Suganuma - Wild Child & Manmos [from Tail of the Sun (PSX)]

i am a flame child. my mother is the perfectly profane, brual & beautiful chaos of the wild.